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dc.contributor.authorHolzleitner, Ronald-
dc.description.abstractInnovations evolve in different ways, either triggered by customer needs or pushed by radical technological developments. Particularly for technology push innovations the stage between the prototype and the market entry can be identified as a critical factor of success. Within this phase it is necessary to model, modify and adapt the technology push innovation to the market requirements as well as possible, and on the other hand, to find methods and options to prepare the target market for the launch of a prospective revolutionizing technology. The most difficult task is to find the correct spread being as innovative as possible, as radical as necessary but still staying focused on the potential market needs. In the following paper a comprehensive model for a successful commercialization of technology push innovations is developed, which is supplemented by the DIA model as well as the Stage-Gate Technology Development (TD) process. Supporting the framework, specific characteristics of technology push innovations are defined and summarized within a table of critical success factors, where uncertainty was identified as an important and omnipresent factor.-
dc.subjectTechnology Push-
dc.titleA comprehensive framework for successful commercialization of technology push innovations-
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