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Titel: Themis - Conserve Your Digital Life
Autoren: Pimminger, Sebastian
Heinzelreiter, Johann
Kurschl, Werner
Lindley, Andrew
Stichwörter: Digital Life
Digital Heritage
Personal Web Archiving
Data Preservation
Erscheinungsdatum: Apr-2015
Zusammenfassung: Today the digital heritage of millions of users is in the hands of a few providers of web services and social networks. These can disappear overnight or no longer make their services available. Sometimes it can have serious consequences if a service is not reachable for days or even hours .In this paper the authors describe the Themis platform. Themis is dedicated to this personal digital identity of a user and allows cross-platform backup of distributed online platforms, services, mobile and desktop sources. The platform also addresses the legally regulated transmission of data between users and from one generation to the next. Furthermore, objectives of long-term archiving, data characterization and full-text searchability with space/time affinity as well as scalability are taken into account. All of this adds up within the Themis platform to provide users with an added value upon their data and is done under strict safety and privacy requirements to prevent against illegal insights
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