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Titel: Visualization and defect detection of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) bike components with several commercial diagnostic x-Ray modalities
Autoren: Ruthner, Christian
Becker, Georg
Schwarzmüller-Erber, Gabriele
Guevara-Rojas, Godoberto
Unterhumer, Gerold
Stichwörter: Nondestructive analyses
carbon (CFRP)
Erscheinungsdatum: Apr-2015
Zusammenfassung: In this project we investigate the capabilities of three different commercial diagnostic x-ray units. The aim of this work was to illustrate the feasibility of visualizing entire components and structural defects to determine future applications in nondestructive analysis for the tested equipment. To make other use of these technologies we had to find well defined acquisition geometry and exposure parameters. Apart from that we produce bias on physical size, spatial representation or inadequate im-age quality of the scanned structure. The results show that component defects could be detected in the computed tomography and mammography images. The expected accuracy was not achieved with the computed radiography system and need to be further investigated for this purpose. However, the visualization of CFRP bike-components can be done with digital mammography, Computed Tomography and Computed Radiography Systems.
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